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Why Crew 316?

As part of the Scouting Ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Crew 316 has been committed to encouraging and developing young adults since 2008. Venturing is a Co-ed high adventure program open to young adults ages 14-21. Venturing helps shape young adults in building their character, developing leaders, and preparing young adults for a brighter future. The Scouting Ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is established for the purpose of being a ministry to the young men and families of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California. The Scouting Ministry proclaims the supremacy of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ as a fundamental belief and foundation. The purpose of this Scouting Ministry is to reinforce traditional Christian family values and help the boys develop into Christian men and leaders. The Scouting Ministry has elected to use the scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America as the primary vehicle to achieve this purpose. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being. Ephesians 3:16

Message from Sam Sandoval (Former President)

Crew 316, a Venturing Crew. This crew is more than your normal group of young adults united together. It's a family. This group has members from young as 14 to up to 21. We do bond and do more than what the average young adult does in their life. This experience is one you won' t forget and will enjoy a lot. We were started in 2008. We relaunched it in 2017, and still are going. I truly have made so many great memories and tried more new things than before. I am an Eagle Scout, and joining Venturing has not only allowed me to grow more as a person, but helped me develop more skills that will help me out in life. Our verse we centered our crew on is Ephesians 3:16, and we believe through knowing and having a relationship with God we can truly move forward and plan amazing adventures that we know God will lead.

Sam Sandoval


The annual membership fee for Crew is approximately $137 for new and returning members. Monthly dues are $5. If any costs are too much for you, we may be able to work something out.

Dues Cover:

Other costs that the family will be responsible for:


Crew 316 participates in fundraisers each year. Fundraising allows the Crew to continue to provide a reduced price camping experience for the Venturer.

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