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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

What has Calvary done?

The church has implemented a plan incase of any cases. All Sunday services are being held online and all all ministries have been shut down for the remander of March. This includes the Scouting ministry. Go to cccm.com for more information on what the church is doing and how it will affect us.

How will this affect Crew 316?

Calvary has prohibited all ministries from meeting on campus. Right now, Crew 316 will still be meeting but it will only be virtualy. In addition, the online meeting time will be at 7:00 pm on Monday instead of 8:30 pm. During this time, we have been prohibited from meeting physically at all during the month of March and maybe April. If that restriction is lifted, we will be taking extra precautions like, if you are using the restroom, cooking, serving, or eating at Crew 316 campouts or events, you are requiered to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds or sanitize. Also, if you are feeling sick, stay home. If you are staying home, you can still attend meetings online or through the phone. Go to crew316.org/meeting-info for instructions and more info.

If we have to cancel:

As mentioned, we are moving all meeting in March to the confrence call. Go to crew316.org/meeting-info for instructions and more info. If we have any other events that have to be canceled, we will try to rescedule or refund.

What can you do?

Closing words

The safty and health of our members and the community are our highest priorety at this time. We will be monitoring this situation and will follow church orders. We will be playing by ear until details on the virus are more clear and it is safer for our members and the community. For more information, go to cccm.com or contact us.

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